General Rules

  1. On admission, every student must obtain an Identity Card which will be provided by the Administration Office. Students must always wear/display their identity card when on the institute premises. Students need to submit their identity card for checking/inspection to college authorities when requested. Faculty members or their representatives have the authority to collect the student identity cards in case of indiscipline or /late coming
  2. No society or union shall be formed in the Institute and no person would be invited to address a meeting or tour the property without the prior permission of the Principal.
  3. Meetings arranged among the students themselves in the institute, have to be presided over by a responsible person and the agenda of such meetings must be previously approved by the Principal.
  4. Students should not communicate any information or write about matters regarding the Institute or its administration to the press or any competitive college.
  5. Non-compliance with rules of the Institute can be penalized by the imposition of fines and/or appropriate disciplinary action as the management deems fit.
  6. Students shall not undertake outdoor catering orders nor attend outdoor catering waiting for assignments in their private capacity during the tenure of their study at the Institute without the written permission from the Principal. Strict action is liable against students who indulge in this practice
  7. Norms and rules concerning detaining, promotion, passing, ATKT and failing of students are as per the regulations laid down by the University. This includes not allowing a student to appear for examinations in the event of (i) outstanding fees and other dues (ii) poor conduct (iii) non-submission of coursework such as journals and assignments.
  8. No justifications, defenses, pretexts or explanations (including medical reasons) shall be accepted if a student fails to appear for internal assessments and evaluations. Such absenteeism or its consequences may preclude the student from qualifying to appear for the final examination of a particular year/semester.
  9. Although the college assumes the safety of the student while on the Institute premises, the management will not be held responsible for any accident that may befall any student. In case of any such incident, the college shall take all steps to ensure speedy administration of first aid or medical help for the student at the premises or at a nearby hospital. Such charges would have to be eventually reimbursed by the student to the college.
  10. Candidates applying for seats reserved for Backward Class mentioned in the rules should note that only those candidates who have documented proof that they belong to the caste and communities shall be eligible for the concession.
  11. If any of the statements made or any information supplied in connection with a candidate’s admission is at any time, found to be false or incorrect, such a candidate shall not be considered for admission and if already admitted, his/her admission shall be cancelled, fees forfeited and he/she may be expelled from the institute by the Principal.
  12. It is mandatory for all students to read the notices displayed on all notice boards in the Institute on a daily basis
  13. On admission, the candidates shall be governed by all the Rules of the Institute intended for students.
  14. The Institute reserves the right to amend, add or cancel any of the above rules if it deems necessary. Matters not covered in the existing rules will rest at the discretion of the Principal whose decision shall be absolute, final and binding.
  15. Violation of any of the rules regulations and guidelines listed above are liable for penal action that would be decided as per the severity of such a contravention
  16. Theft and pilferage: Any theft of college property or property belonging to any other student within the education complex shall be viewed as a major transgression and treated with utmost gravity. Such theft might be cash, goods, software, information or consumable supplies of which you are not the owner and will be subject to the disciplinary action according to the severity of the deed. The rule extends to cover the consumption of any raw material (food or beverage ingredients) intended for food/beverage preparation in any food production or service area or any finished food or beverage product made by you or any other student, without the express permission or sanction of the lecturer/instructor.
  17. Loss of cash or monetary equivalents, uniforms and other personal property of a student including journals, textbooks, files, assignments, electronic items (including mobile phones, laptops and similar) whether allowed or expressly disallowed by the Institute shall not be the responsibility of the college authorities. Students are required to look after their own belongings that they bring to the college.
  18. Students are obliged to submit assignments/projects/reports/term work by or before the stipulated due date and appear for all examinations/tests/evaluations. Remaining absent for academic assessments, co-curricular and extracurricular activities without the prior permission of the Principal, will lead to a loss of marks in the evaluation.
  19. Absence from college or college activities without pre-sanctioned leave (as per due procedure) is considered, as a breach of discipline. Unauthorized leave is liable for monetary fines. As per general leave policy, no leave will be granted except in case of illness or crisis. Permission must be obtained from the Principal or other assigned staff member who will review the application of leave and make a decision based on the past records of the individual and present exigency
  20. No student may leave the Institute premises during working hours without written permission/gate pass from the Principal or other assigned staff member. Breach of this rule is liable to disciplinary action.
  21. The conduct of the student should be exemplary at all times – while on the premises of the Institute and in its vicinity, during industrial training and in any situations and circumstances that the student represents the institute voluntarily or involuntarily.
  22. Possession or use/consumption of alcohol or drugs is banned on the Institute premises and substance abuse of any kind shall result in immediate expulsion of the concerned student(s).
  23. Smoking and the use of tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited anywhere on the college campus
  24. Students shall not carry/bring anything inside the Institute that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline or serve to be a source of unnecessary distraction. This includes personal music systems, video games etc.
  25. Students are required to handle and take proper care of the assets of the Institute and help to keep it neat and tidy. Any damage to the property of the Institute by way of defacing walls, willfully disfiguring/damaging/breaking furniture, fixture, fittings, and equipment will be viewed as a serious breach of discipline. Those held responsible shall be duly penalized and the cost of the damages or replacements shall be recovered from them.
  26. If, in the opinion of the Principal, the continuance of a student is for any reason, detrimental to the interest of the Institute or to the students therein, the Principal may dismiss such student from the Institute. This decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the student.
  27. Students must refrain from using abusive language in and around the Institute. The use of foul language demonstrates lack of self-restraint and limited verbal ability. We implore you to speak English at all times when communicating within the Institute – this can be extremely beneficial to you in the long run, this being the language of the international hospitality industry
  28. Students are expressly prohibited from working in any capacity at outdoor catering assignments conducted by private caterers or hotels/restaurants, apart from those approved and routed through the college management