Our Founders


Dr Satish More is an entrepreneur and a visionary and has shown unalloyed dedication to the cause and spread of quality education. His mission is to enlighten and vitalise the capabilities of young minds and widen their horizons. He has contributed with his might to realize the intellectual dream for invigorating the education progress in Panvel. He believes that to make multi-faceted development of students a reality, it is the responsibility of the educationists to provide avenues and resources that allow the students to be nurtured and chiselled to the best of their abilities.

Dr. Satish More


Mrs. Sampada More is the force behind setting up the foundation with the aim of bringing the brighter prospects and benefits of knowledge to the young minds. With her encouraging presence, Mrs. Sampada More has always ensured that the students always have access to the best possible avenues for acquiring knowledge. She believes that every student can excel and the partnership between home and college builds confidence in students to use their powers to shape their future.

Mrs. Sampada More

Vice-Chairperson & Principal

Having more than 30 years of experience in the field of Teaching and Training, Dr. Jyothi is a force to reckon with, especially in the domain of Human Resource Management. She is a visionary- who has taught in various capacities at a number of prestigious educational institutions.. She is the founder member of S P More Dynanam Annam Foundation- a chain of institutions specializing in Hospitality, Tourism, Business Studies, College of Arts, Commerce & Science and School of Vocational Education. Her objective is to create a meaningful difference in the field of education and to ensure that the Light of Knowledge reaches those who need it the most. With an accurate understanding of the needs of students as well as the education sector, she has been instrumental in shaping, mentoring, and turning around the lives of thousands of her students- especially those who face challenges in terms of support and resources. Dr. Jyothi is a treasure trove of knowledge, ingenuity, and commitment, and she is proficient in dealing with various aspects of management at the institutional level, as well as personnel level. She is an inspiration to her students as well as her team members. Her Commitment to acquiring Excellence and imparting Knowledge has been relentless. She has a gift of strategy and enterprise.

Dr. Jyothi K


Director – Finance

A combination of brilliance and innovation, Dr. Rashmi Chavan is a very resourceful professional with the sweetest of temperament. She holds a Doctorate in Financial Studies and is the founder member of S P More Dynanam Annam Foundation- a chain of institutions specializing in Hospitality, Tourism, Business Studies, College of Arts, Commerce & Science, and School of Vocational Education. She is a self-made entrepreneur and a dedicated, committed educationist with over three decades of experience. Over the years, she has been working tirelessly towards the cause of education and has been a key member running the S P More Foundation. Her drive and sincerity towards working for the upliftment of needy and deserving students are simply commendable and her worth ethics are truly remarkable. She works hard and with persistent determination. Dr. Rashmi is an expert in managing financial matters and has a keen sense of observation, analysis, and conceptualization. She simplifies the most complex situations and makes the whole process, whether it be financial or educational, smooth. The number of students she has helped, guided, and nurtured stand testimony to the fact that when she puts her mind to something, the results inevitably become meaningful.

Dr. Rashmi Chavan