Attendance Rules

  1. It is compulsory for students to attend theory and practical classes, demonstrations and functions even when these are scheduled before or beyond regular Institute hours, within or outside the institute premises irrespective of holidays and off days. These include field visits, educational tours, indoor and outdoor catering assignments and college functions arranged by the institute
  2. Students are obliged to submit assignments/projects/reports/term work by or before the stipulated due date and appear for all examinations/tests/evaluations. Remaining absent for academic assessments, co-curricular and extracurricular activities without prior permission of the Principal, will lead to a loss of marks in evaluation.
  3. Punctuality in every lecture is expected of students and is the hallmark of a hospitality professional. Students must be present in their respective classrooms before commencement of a lecture. A first bell is meant to serve as an alert to students to proceed to their lecture room/practical lab. By or before the second bell, all students must be in their respective classrooms/practical labs or else they may be refused entry to the lecture/practical and shall be marked absent for the relevant lecture hours. These warning bells are only sounded before the commencement of college each morning and prior to the post lunch afternoon session
  4. Absence from college or college activities without pre-sanctioned leave (as per due procedure) is considered, as a breach of discipline. Unauthorized leave is liable for monetary fines. As per general leave policy, no leave will be granted except in case of illness or crisis. Permission must be obtained from the Principal or other assigned staff member who will review the application of leave and make a decision based on the past records of the individual and present exigency