Hotel Management


Hospitality Management is one of the world’s glamorous and biggest industries with job opportunities in India and abroad. Studying hospitality will allow you to enter this dynamic industry and turn your passions for professional service into a global career. S.P.More College is one of the best colleges offering diploma and degree in hotel management courses in Navi Mumbai for students to develop their career after 10th and 12th. The brand name of S.P.MORE and the proactive actions taken by the institute for providing quality hotel management courses in Navi Mumbai and creating industry-ready hospitality professionals made S.P.M as a master in our sector. The College is committed to ensuring that your education incorporates professional and practical training, soft skills, language abilities & professional development and placement assistance.

Hotel management courses at S.P.More college will deliver you a complete overview of the hotel, airlines, restaurant, and resort industry, from kitchen production techniques, dining room service, and housekeeping so you’ll have a solid grasp of day-to-day operations in a hotel or restaurant. Our hotel management courses in Navi Mumbai meet worldwide professional industry standards and are improvised to facilitate students with the energetic environment required to contribute to the global economy. Our programs will develop your problem-solving skills through hands-on work experience and predict industry trends. S.P.More college, one of the best hotel management colleges in Navi Mumbai, you will wear business or professional attire and meet a professional standard of grooming, presentation, and behaviour. Our industry partners have told us that our students and graduates stand out from the crowd because of their professional ethics and conduct.

Both the Hotel and Tourism industries have undergone growth in both private enterprise and international public sector management. The growing scope of Hospitality and Tourism as a major employer around the world means that organizations are continually seeking individuals with the knowledge and capabilities of managing various aspects throughout the dynamic and progressive industry. Hospitality managers are in high demand and professionals are needed to fill roles in Hotels, Tourism sectors, function centres, resorts, restaurants, airlines, cruise liners – to name a few – and the businesses that own and operate them.

Apart from providing hospitality, a career in hotel management can show you the world and allow you to experience diverse cultures globally. You can work in a variety of positions – valuable for anyone wanting to become a concierge, management, or even open their hotel.

Potential Areas Of Employments Are :

  • Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Cruise Liners
  • Air Lines
  • Bar Management
  • Bar Training & Education
  • Wine Retailing and Sommelier
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Catering Management
  • Reservations and Revenue Management
  • Conference and Event Management
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Food Marketing & Product Development
  • Pastry & Confectionary
  • Training & Education
  • Coach based Management
  • Tourism Promotion & Marketing
  • State Bodies involved in Tourism
  • Heritage Promotion and Development
  • Visitor Attractions & Activity Centres
  • Tourist & Heritage Guiding and Information
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Licenced Premises
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Catering and Events Companies
  • Specialist functions such as Reservations & HR
  • Coach based Travel
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Fine-dining Restaurants
  • Gastro Pubs
  • Event Catering
  • Tourism Development

Why Study Hotel & Tourism At S.P. More College ?

You will have up to Nine months of industry experience while pursuing your Degree in Hotel & Tourism Studies giving you real-world experience and an edge over other graduates.

Earning your hospitality degree from a program that blends general business courses and specialized international tourism and hotel management courses from Mumbai offers you the best of both worlds.

Experience a program developed in conjunction with world-renowned Hospitality institute from Switzerland.

Along with Degree in Hotel & Tourism Studies, you also gain triple qualifications – Diploma in Cruise liner Studies , Diploma in Bartending & Diploma in Travel & Tourism as you learn from experts with real industry experience and insights.

Gain hands-on experience through practical classes, working on real events and in our on-campus Basic Kitchen, Advanced Kitchen, Training restaurant & Bar, Housekeeping lab and Front office lab

Combine your hospitality studies with a solid business and management core preparing you for supervisory and management roles in the industry.

What Will You Study?

All the Hotel & Tourism studies courses provide graduates with management expertise built on a core set of practical skills. Our team of expert hospitality lecturing staff have worked and traveled to various corners of the world giving you a truly international perspective of the hospitality industry. They will combine industry knowledge, management skills and business understanding to provide you with the necessary skills required for a fabulous career in Hotel, Tourism, Cruise and Airline industry.

Along with your Degree in Hotel & Tourism Studies, you will also study and acquire specialized any one Diploma in

  • Beverage Management
  • Culinary Management
  • Event Management
  • Hotel/Lodging Management
  • Restaurant/Foodservice Management
  • Travel & Tourism Management
  • Bar Tending

Plus a Free

  • Diploma in domestic tourism in first year
  • Diploma in international tourism in second year
  • Diploma in airlines customer service in third year