Bachelor of Science


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or B.S. is one in every of the foremost popular laurels courses among the science students after 12th.
The B.Sc. degree course could be a graduate degree course in science this could be a part-time or full-time course. This course forms the premise of science and comprises of the topics like physics, chemistry, biology, zoology and arithmetic.
With the advancements within the area of science and technology, this programme has become a 1 of the highly studied degree course within the Institutions of India.
After the completion of the B.Sc degree there are various options available for the science students, they will opt for master degree in Science i.e. M.Sc, get into a pursuit area and may even rummage around for professional job oriented courses. Often, in some reputed universities or colleges in India and abroad the scholars are recruited directly by big MNC’s after their completion of the course.

They gain the knowledge of systematic observations, model making, theoretical predications thereby understanding various phenomenon in nature.
To think critically and to use appropriate concepts in problem solving.
To enhance their skills to be innovative.
To develop a qualitative and quantitative approach.
To provide hands on experience on sophisticated instruments and programming skills.
To design and construct instruments and make them research orientation.
To make them sensitive to their surrounding and social issues, through field work and projects.
Ability to satisfy challenges and equip them to be competent.

ELIGIBILITY -A candidate must have passed the upper middle school Certificate (Std. XII-Science) examination conducted by the Maharashtra/ other Indian State Boards or equivalent examination
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  1. Compulsory Subject: Foundation Course – Paper I (Social Awareness and Personality Development)
  2.  Select any ONE of the following Groups:
A Chemistry Physics  Mathematics
B Chemistry Physics Botany
C Chemistry Physics Zoology
D Chemistry Botany Zoology
E Chemistry Physics Statistics
F Mathematics Statistics Economics
G Physics Mathematics Statistics



  1. Foundation Course (Compulsory) Paper-II
  2. Select any ONE of the following Groups: (THREE PAPERS EACH )
1 Chemistry Physics
2 Chemistry  Botany
3 Chemistry  Zoology
4 Botany Zoology
5 Physics  Mathematics
6 Physics  Statistics
7 Statistics  Mathematics
8  Statistics  Economics



  1. Students can offer any ONE subject of Six papers as a Major subject.
  2. Subject studied at F.Y.B.Sc. and S.Y.B.Sc. should be offered as a Major subject at T.Y.B.Sc.
Chemistry   Heavy and Fine Chemicals
Physics Electronics Instrumentation
Mathematics  Computer Programming 
Statistics  Computer Programming 
5 Botany  Horticulture 
Zoology  Marine Science

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