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“I have learnt so much in such a short period. So glad I came here !!!”

  - Prashant Nair , MBA graduate

“I love this business school because it helped me find something I didn’t know I had… an understanding and passion for business”

  -Sagar Chourasia ,BBA Program student.

“A fantastic 5 years”

  -Nikhil Sansare (BBA + MBA student)

“Now that my time here at S P M Institute of Business Studies has come to an end I realise how much I learnt”.

  -Akhil Krishnan , MBA Graduate

“I have been so lucky to be a student at S P M Institute of Business Studies”

  Arnav Prasad MBA Graduate

“Thank you so much for everything, I have learnt so much and found my path with a new career at the S P M Institute of Business Studies”

  Shaily, MBA Program student.

“Thank you very much for paying personal attention to my son. It has enabled him to grow and find a passion for business and entrepreneurship.”

  -Parents of Rahul , BBA student.

“I would like to express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to attend BBA over the last three years, it has been an amazing experience at S P M Institute of Business Studies and I feel that I am really prepared now for the world and my future.”

  -Aishwarya Choudhary , BBA Graduate

“Dear Mam, Doing the research while studying for BBA was a very enjoyable process of learning, development and growth. The studies have influenced my way of thinking and living in a constructive way and i am grateful for the experience at SPM Institute of Business Studies. It was worth the money we invested.”

  -Atul Ranjan, BBA graduate

Business Management

career after 12th

Located in Navi Mumbai, a strategic city with an upcoming International Airport, S P M Institute of Business Studies provides Business Education programs from a uniquely Global perspective. Backed by an illustrious professional faculty from all various industries, S P M Institute of Business Studies has earned a reputation for combining the strengths of Modern schools of thought and practices with unique Industry perspectives. For management career after 12th, BBA, Integrated BBA, MBA & EMBA programs enable students to become versatile global managers and adaptive business leaders. Students with Science as well as those with Arts and Commerce background are eligible to pursue BBA (General) / BBA (Specialization) or Integrated BBA + MBA programme. We offer enterprising education with options for double (dual )Masters degrees.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential with MBA + Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development (Regular)

career after 12th

The MBA & Executive MBA Program is designed to help graduate students refine their personal leadership styles, develop their emotional intelligence, and acquire the skills that will enable them to bring the best out of their teams. A key component of the program is a 360-degree feedback instrument which will provide participants with perspectives on how they are perceived on various interpersonal dimensions. Workshops, Case studies, presentations, seminars, Industrial training enables students to tap into their unique leadership styles and identify areas of growth. Students also benefit from a small group coaching session which will help them establish a personal development plan that they can implement for sustained career advancement. For a management career after 12th, come join our flexible, dynamic and expandable Business Management Leadership talent program, nurtured within a comprehensive and globally-prominent National university and preparing students for leadership, management and entrepreneurship.